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We are pleased to announce the opening of the “Hasidic Midrasha”. 
The Medrasha opened its doors in Elul 5774 to outstanding boys from respected Hasidic homes who find the optimal answer in realizing their potential and grow in Torah and Hasidus within its walls.

The Good News:


The Medrasha is meant for students age 13-18 who come from respected Hasidic homes, who have the ability and desire to learn, who aspire to make progress and grow spiritually, and who need additional areas of interest and subjects that enrich their studies in order to accomplish this goal. The Medrasha will become, with G-d’s help, a renowned center for producing Hasidic Avrechim who are Yirei Shomaim and Ovdei HaShem, who will possess the tools necessary to achieve self-actualization and a useful life. 

For whom is the Midrasha intended?
The Vision:


We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to actualize all of his strengths and talents and to fulfill his potential. With the help of high-quality education combined with love and trust, your son will grow into a fine Bocher, filled with Torah and Yiras Shomaim, full of self-satisfaction and the motivation to succeed in all areas of life.

This ideais the product of long, systematic planning, and was formulated through constant consultation with expert educators and the advice of G’doleiYisroel, Admorim and prominent rabbis.

The studies in the Medrasha provide its students with a strong and stable foundation for building character and promoting spiritual growth that will stay with them for their entire lives.


First and foremost, the Medrasha is a yeshiva where the students spend most of the hours of the day in intensive Hasidic yeshiva learning.

During the S'darim, the Talmidim acquire their Torah learning from the rabbis – all of whom are Talmidei Chachomim and excellent educators – who will put a special emphasis on fundamental and profound understanding of the Sugyos, as well as on covering significant amounts of material.

Alongside the main S'darim, a variety of Torah studies will take place: Halacha classes with emphasis on Halacha L'Maaseh, Humash and traditional commentaries, S'darim in Hasidus and Jewish Thought where the Bocherim will study the works of Hasidic luminaries and the great teachers of Musar and Jewish Thought and complete their achievement of Torah stature and acquire knowledge and pure wisdom.

Likewise, general studies will be offered, appropriate to the individual abilities of each Talmid.

In addition, students will be able to discover and develop their talents in a wide scope of subjects, including sketching and drawing, design and handicrafts, Jewish art and music. All this will be offered with a special stress on the application of these subjects towards earning a living in these areas in the future, each student according to his personality and talents.

Educational and social activities, mentoring workshops and life skills are part of the daily schedule.  These will help the students gain the proper tools for use in their adult lives.

What is the Midrasha?

The Midrasha Staff


The first step in establishing the Medrasha was to recruit the exceptional educational staff to be responsible for educating the students and providing them with all the right values.

The teaching staff is a team of experienced and leading educators who have an extensive Torah and academic background in the field of education, and who were carefully selected. At the same time, special emphasis was put on the curriculum, which was strictly filtered and adjusted to fit the spirit of Jewish tradition, and was examined and approved by G'dolei Yisrael. 

The Campus:


The Medrasha is located in Beitar Eilit, on a spacious campus that includes all the facilities required for the boys to concentrate upon their Torah studies and to grow in this pleasant atmosphere. It includes a Beis Medrash, spacious classrooms, a kitchen and dining room on a high standard and comfortable and well-appointed dormitory rooms.


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