We are pleased to announce the opening of the “Hasidic Midrasha”. 
The Medrasha opened its doors in Elul 5774 to outstanding boys from respected Hasidic homes who find the optimal answer in realizing their potential and grow in Torah and Hasidus within its walls.

The Good News:


The Medrasha is meant for students age 13-18 who come from respected Hasidic homes, who have the ability and desire to learn, who aspire to make progress and grow spiritually, and who need additional areas of interest and subjects that enrich their studies in order to accomplish this goal. The Medrasha will become, with G-d’s help, a renowned center for producing Hasidic Avrechim who are Yirei Shomaim and Ovdei HaShem, who will possess the tools necessary to achieve self-actualization and a useful life. 

For whom is the Midrasha intended?
The Vision:


We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to actualize all of his strengths and talents and to fulfill his potential. With the help of high-quality education combined with love and trust, your son will grow into a fine Bocher, filled with Torah and Yiras Shomaim, full of sel